Five for Friday (on Saturday)...Spring Break Edition!

I'm linking up (late) with Doodle Bugs Teaching for my Spring Break edition of Five for Friday.

1.  Hawaii!!  I spent Spring Break week on the island of Kauai in Hawaii.  I feel like I now need a vacation from my vacation so I can catch up on everything and be ready to go back to work on Monday.  Here are a few pictures...

2.  Ziplining...One of the things we did while on the island was take a full day tour which included kayaking, hiking, swimming, and ziplining.  Now, I still close my eyes and scream the entire time while riding roller I was pretty scared even though I really wanted to do it.  My husband went after me and snapped this picture as I was leaving the deck.  My face shows it all.  The guy had to like hold on to my line to get me off the deck and then slowly let go.  I'm not necessarily afraid of heights, more afraid that things would break.  I left the deck all by myself the second time though!

3.  Do not ever plan to stay overnight in an airport!  Flights directly between Houston and Hawaii are really expensive.  So we had a layover in California.  The plane landed at midnight and left at 8 AM the next morning.  We figured we'd get to the airport by 6 AM anyway, so it would just be a few hours to get through and not worth finding someplace to stay, etc.  BUT, they wouldn't let us stay inside the terminal and we had to go wait by the baggage claim and it was freezing and uncomfortable.  4:30 AM (when everything opened back up) couldn't come fast enough!  Then I got home and had to sleep all afternoon to make up for being up all night. 

4.  I started reading the biography on Steve Jobs.  I don't usually read biographies.  Actually, I pretty much only read chick lit or James Patterson books if I'm not reading a book for school  But, I've been so into Apple products lately, my husband suggested it.  It's actually really good and has kept my interest.  I'm still back in the 90's and haven't gotten to the creation of the modern products I love yet.    

5.  I needed something easy to work on while in the airport, so I started making some activities for practicing using commas in a series since this is something coming up for us.  I plan to finish it by tomorrow and upload it to TpT.  I just need to make some recording sheets and ensure everything is in black and white as well.  Here is a preview:

Task Cards

A couple of scavenger hunts to post around the room for practice.
Have you every used "Find Someone Who..." in your class?  Basically the kids walk around and find someone else to record the answers on their paper.  Then the child puts their name next to the number they answered.  They love it and it is a much more interesting way to complete a worksheet!

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!


  1. Wow!! Your blog is cuuuuute!! And I love the GLITTER on those products...FAB!! I'm officially drooling over your spring break vacation. It looks like you made the most of every minute! I popped over from Doodle Bugs Friday Five link-up...I'm glad to have found you!

    Happy Teacher Heaven

  2. I am so jealous of your fab vacation! Did you get to go under that waterfall? I have been under a waterfall once long, long ago. That was something!

    Christina’s Kinder Blossoms


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