Five for Friday and a Freebie!

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1.  We have been hitting author's purpose hard.  I went with the PIE acronym for persuade, inform, and entertain.  So, we made some pies similar to ones I found from 2nd Grade with Mrs. Wade.  She has some definitions typed up, but I made mine write them instead.  I also had them cut out images from newspapers and magazines.  They had to find one image to demonstrate each purpose. 

2.  We have also been learning about media...print media vs. digital media, media techniques, etc. while focusing on persuasive writing.  We had already written persuasive letters and read all my favorite books, so this week we focused more in the direction of advertisements.  There is a great site called Media Smart that is a big help with this.  They have instructional Power Points, sample ads, games, etc. It is actually from the UK, so some of the language is different, but it's still a great resource.  They have this activity where the kids choose an audience, image, and slogan related to milk and have to create an ad to persuade the chosen group to drink milk.  We had a big conversation about how the image needs to match the audience chosen and so on and then they worked in groups to make the ads.  They LOVED doing this.  The materials for this activity are in Lesson 6 on this page.  Here are a couple of the finished products.

3.  My students love Brain Pop Jr.  The short little videos captivate them like nothing else.  Like I mentioned above, we have been learning about media and technology.  The site had really good videos explaining about e-mail and internet safety.  What surprised me is that they had one on blogs!  My students loved it and now they keep asking if we or they can have a blog.  Plus, I apparently need to check out something called Dog with a Blog?!

 4. Texas, English Language Learners are assessed each spring in the areas of reading, writing, listening, and speaking.  We are required to get five writing samples from each child and score their level of English proficience using rubrics.  It's tedious.  We have to do the same for listening and speaking.  Anyways, all but the reading portion are now complete!  The reading is just a computer more work for them than me. 

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And a Friday Freebie:

Click the image to download.  Enjoy!


  1. I LOLed at your Dog with a Blog! My kids (personal kids) watch that!! So funny! My daughter knows all about blogging from that!

    I have GOT to do all this PIE stuff I've been seeing!! I need to make time for it!

    My students love Brain Pop Jr too. Brain Pop is ok, but sometimes way above their heads!! And I need to check out the powerpoint about media because my kids did a "research" project and were totally lost (but maybe that was because our media specialist just threw them into it??)

    Thanks for sharing and for the freebie!

    Collaboration Cuties

  2. Cute freebie and I love the pies!! Great website to check out, thank you! :) Happy Friday!
    Pinkadots Elementary


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