Fumble! Giveaway

Good morning!  I'm in for a day of planning ahead before the big game.  In all honesty, I'm only interested in watching the commercials and halftime show anyway!

Don't forget about the TpT super sale taking place today!  My store will be on sale today AND tomorrow.  Don't forget to enter the promo code super today to save an extra ten percent.


In honor of the game, I am giving away my "Fumble! Abbreviations Game" all day today!  Basically, it is played like Old Maid.  Students match the abbreviations and the person left with the fumble card loses.  The matches contain days of the week, months, and common abbreviations used in addresses and streets so it's probably best for 1st and 2nd, maybe 3rd.  There are 23 matches in all.

I will email the game to anyone who comments on this blog post today letting me know that you follow my TpT store as well as this blog.  Please don't forget leave your email address for me to send it to.

Have a great day!


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