Techy Teacher Tuesday

Hey everyone...Is is possible to feel like it has been a long week when it's only Tuesday and there was no school yesterday?!
It's time for Techy Teacher Tuesday with Katie King and this time I am on the right day.  I will be getting a set of iPads soon, so I've been playing around a lot with apps on the two I have.  I haven't been that impressed with the amount of quality children's books I have been finding in iBooks and one thing I really want my kids to be able to use the iPads for is to read!!  (I only teach ELAR anyway.)
I have been trying out the Scholastic Storia app with one of my students who sort of hates to read...At first, even though I kept seeing it advertised, I thought to myself, no way am I actually going to BUY all the books for the iPads.  Especially when I saw you have to buy multiple copies for more than one kid to read.
But, then I saw I could get five free books for downloading, so I did.  And they gave me the five free books.  A few weeks later I spent twenty dollars on my book order or something and they gave me five more.  Another day it said I have an update, and they gave me five more.  I have two iPads, so I tested out opening the books on more than one iPad at the same time and it didn't give me any problems.  So I ordered a couple books with my points.  I have about 20 books on the bookshelf and haven't spent a dime.
Some of the books come with audio, some don't depending on the level.  You can also assign books to bookshelves for students and it will track the time they spent reading each book.
What I like is that they are the same books my kids would be reading in the class or that I would use during guided reading (which I plan to do!).  Has anyone used this app further or with more than a couple iPads at a time?  I really want to know if I can open the app with my account on 20 iPads and read the same book if I wanted to.  I will let you know soon before I invest anymore of my points into the books!  Apparently you can read them on a computer too, but I haven't tried that.  Something makes me still want the paper copy of the book too though! 
Have a great day tomorrow!


  1. I just got the app (on my work computer), but I haven't messed around with it yet. I still need to write a grant and try to get some iPads for my classroom. I would LOVE to have that option.

    Don't Let the Teacher Stay Up Late

  2. I can't say enough about how amazing your blog is! I used to be pretty jealous of classrooms that had IPADS in them :) but now I am going to be one of those classrooms. I am going to be the test "pilot" of my school to see the enrichment IPADS can bring to a classroom!

    I had a quick question about your technology policy that is in place at your school concerning the IPADS- do you have teacher technology policy for your school concerning the IPADS in your classroom? My school is trying to put together one and I was hoping to get some ideas concerning if the teacher buys the app but the IPAD is the schools who does the app belong to if the teacher and the school ever part ways or vice versa.

    Thanks for your weekly inspiration!


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