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As I was blog hopping this afternoon, I came across some technology linkys.  Fern Smith is hosting Thursday Tech Tips and Katie King is hosting Techy Teacher Tuesday.  (I am late to both...oops...) 

Fern Smith's Thursday's Tech Tips for Teachers Linky Party!    

I am fairly tech saavy and don't think I could teach anymore without the Internet and my Promethean board!  I've had my own iPad for about a year and have been bringing it in to motivate one of my struggling students.  But, sometime in the next couple of weeks, myself and my partner teacher are getting a CART OF 22 iPADS to pilot and use between the two classes!  I am super excited and in the process of finding the apps I want installed on them, thinking of how to incorporate them into our day, etc.  So I am looking forward to going back and reading the rest of the technology tips and posts as I brainstorm.

But for now, I will offer a technology tip...screen extend.  I am not sure why I never realized the usefulness of this before, but it has been so helpful to me this year!  Basically, I use screen extend to drag everything I am doing with my students over to the second screen (my Promethean board).  Meanwhile, I can leave my e-mail, lesson plans, whatever teacher stuff I have going on, up on my laptop screen at the same time.  It has really helped because I don't have to stop the kids from what they are doing to print the attendance, respond to an email, etc. 
Here's how to do it...Just press the window key on your keyboard with the P at the same time.  You will see the option to duplicate or extend your screen.  Duplicate means that whatever is on your computer screen will be projected.  Extend turns your board into a second screen. Choose extend.
You have to drag over whatever programs you are using to the new screen, as well as your mouse, so you want to have everything set up so you can easily maneuver your screen.  With the Promethean board, I have to calibrate the pen to the second screen, but once I do, it stays that way and I can use both screens at the same time to do different things!

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