Flash Drive Giveaway!

I don't know how you all blog and create items products during the week!  I am waaaaaaay to tired when I get home!  I leave by 6 AM and don't get back home until almost twelve hours later.  Once I sit down, I'm done!  And this article actually asks Are Teachers Paid Too Much?  Yeah... right...
I entered a flashdrive giveaway organized by Rockin' Teacher Materials.  Hilary has filled six flash drives full of donated products from bloggers, one for each grade level K-5.  There are 50+ materials on each flash drive!  You can win my R-Controlled Vowels pack on the first grade flash drive, my Sophisticated Synonyms product on the second grade flash drive, and my Penguin Guide Words station on the third grade flash drive.
Click the button below to choose your grade level and enter to win!


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