Wednesday, July 1, 2015

July Currently

Listening:  I've been binge watching Parenthood and I just started the last season.  I always feel sad when shows that I get into end.

Loving:  This baby is 8 months old today!
Thinking:  She has swimming lessons this morning and it's really hard to get everything to work out perfectly so they go well.  She has to have napped and eaten, but not so far in advance that she is tired and hungry while we are there. She also can't eat too close to going or she might spit up in the pool.  Sitting here with my fingers crossed she wakes up at just the right time from her nap!

Wanting:  One of these years I want to go to Vegas too.  Instead it'll be just me and Gracie here since my husband will  be in Argentina for work.  Maybe we should just take our own trip.

Needing:  My photos will no longer sync with the cloud or my mac.  I even went to the Genius bar at Apple to try to get it fixed because I've tried everything.  They couldn't get it working right either and said I need to try resetting my phone so the software reinstalls.  We had been there an hour already so I figured I'd just do it myself at home.  Always paranoid everything is going to get ruined though.

All Star Multitasker:  I prefer doing many things at once and get more done that way!  I think that as a teacher (and now a mommy) this is a necessary skill.  Yes, I can hold a baby, feed her a bottle, and work the remote, phone, or computer at the same time.