Monday, June 29, 2015

Weekend Warriors 3-2-1 Teacher Bio

I am not one of those teachers who stays out for extra recess, spends an extra 20 minutes on math some days, or who switches around routines.  I always stick to our schedule and routines as much as possible.  I hate assemblies and stuff that messes up our day!  I really think it helps with classroom management.  My students always know what comes next and what is going on.

Tied in with above, I have high expectations for everyone...students, teachers, administrators, even my husband and myself included!  Don't get me wrong, we have fun in my classroom, but my students also know what is expected of them.    I also believe in challenging students.  There is nothing wrong with going above and beyond if students are ready and capable.  Teaching doesn't need to stop just because you met the minimum requirements in your standards.  I don't think highly of the teacher who spends Friday afternoons showing Disney movies or the administrator that never follows through.  

And finally, on the outside I am quite organized.  I can always find that email  or document, my room and materials look neat and clean, and we are always on schedule.  But you'd never find any rhyme or reason with my computer files, my desk drawers are basically filled with trash, and my teacher bags are always overflowing with who knows what...I just fill a new one when one is full.  And if you ask my husband, he'd say I'm a disaster with piles of school stuff everywhere at home.  
So I am either blogging, creating, cleaning, and running errands all at once or I'm sitting on the couch watching Netflix.  For some reason I have a hard time with balance.  Lately, I feel really busy with my daughter (almost 8 months old), but feel guilty like I'm on a nothing trend because I have nothing to show for a day of just hanging out with her except a happy baby.

And I am the most unhealthy eater.  I basically will not eat vegetables and snack on junk all day.  I love ice cream (Ben and Jerry's Chunky Monkey) and Kraft macaroni and cheese. I am the adult ordering chicken fingers at a restaurant.  For some reason, this has never caught up to me.  Even after having my baby, I was back to looking like me in no time.  Hopefully I'll just stay this way forever!  On the plus side, my daughter LOVES vegetables so she apparently gets that from her father.
I am really dying to go to Disney World.  But, I am going to have to wait at least a couple of years because I want my daughter to actually know we are there and have fun!